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WHO IS THAT KITTY?  It never meows or moves.  Hmmm….resembles someone I know well.

You know, I pass this portrait of myself every morning and sometimes I just stop and stare and who knows what idle thoughts are sifting through my little kitty brain?  But once, just once, I wish that kitty would jump down from its perch and PLAY with me!  Don’t think for a moment that I don’t know who that IS!  Mya’s mama painted it, and she is so, so good, and there is something about having one’s portrait in one’s home that is enormously…well…totally nascissitic, HAHA.

Just kidding.  I love that someone wanted to “do” me and heaven knows I’m a great model, hardly moving for hours.  Just call me Felix. NO, wait a minute, maybe Naomi or Cyndi or maybe Cat Moss, something like that.

MAMA, get to work!!!  Below, for example, is a perfect pose for a painter, no?  Except for those GOOFY eyeballs!  Mama, what got into you?  I don’t think you could even MIX that wacko color!