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YAY, Winston came home!

Well, we are all happy here to day because mamma opened her email and found The Good Life France, a magazine she loves and wrote for a couple of times, and the editor was ecstatic because her beloved kitty, Winston, gone for four weeks (!) was meowing outside her door.  A lovely story and photo of the beautiful Winston on Instagram if you wish to read it.


Winston as baby–photo by Janine Marsh The Good Life France

Is this the cutest little kitty you have ever seen? Well…I mean, one of them, for sure.


Winston, home again!!!  (Grown up)

We are always so tickled and so glad to hear about the return of animals who have left home, for whatever reason, and then suddenly turned up again right back where they belong.  Sometimes they are skinnier, sometimes a bit beaten up from a spat with unknown assailants, or sometimes fatter than before because of the kindness of strangers, but oh, what a feeling to find a lost family member!

Mamma always wonders if my family ever looked for me, but mamma put up signs and a photo and no one responded.  She still thinks they left after the summer and simply left me behind…oh, boy. Sad.  But with us kitties, one never knows why we stray away for awhile and then return, right?

I happen to prefer the house, NOT the wild.  But I did survive out there for heaven knows how long until that fateful day when mamma saw me in the garden…and the garden has a very strong door that is NOT open.  Just call me Houdini…

BUT, here I am, fat…er…svelte and sassy, and about to learn how to use Instagram, if anyone wishes to guide me.  I wanted to see Winston’s photo and found that mamma and I have an Instagram account, but I don’t know how to use it!!! Duh…the twenty first century, Loulou, I said to myself. Get WITH it, girl!


Do YOU use Instagram?  Clue me in.