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I was resting and now I am awake and I am NOT squeezing lemons, okay?

Now, probably all of you know about freezing lemon or lime juice, but mama had never done it, preferring to just squeeze her stash as they dropped and use them in cooking for pasta sauces or limoncello or chutney (my favourite because I love to smell it cooking!), but after talking with her neighbour, Christine, she is squeezing the daylights out of her windfall and freezing the juice in ice trays (bacque de glaçon) and then storing the little cubes of lemon juice in ziplocks.

Well, that takes care of that.


Now for the limoncello (I know this sounds nuts but mama is making her presents for holidays now while she has a bit of time…normally she starts in October but summer is so much easier, especially if you have lemons, haha).

The process for this is in another blog with details.

Now if we only had tomatoes so mama could make lunch!  The pathetic ones in the garden are a source of depression for her daily. BUT—there are THREE squash on the courgette plant! Hallelujah.


Pathetically small but what the heck.

Pasta with zucchine sauce!!! And yes, there is an ‘e’ on zucchine.  But what the heck…


Just putting this in for info.  Read it or not, but I know that some of you out there have medical situations and will be interested in what might happen to your insurance, and your treatments. Forgive this political insert, but I feel it’s really important for those of you who suffer long-term troubles.  Really important.