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Hey, mama what’s that weird thingy on your knee?  Oh, you got zapped today, right?  Did it hurt?  No? Well, that’s a plus…and only two more to go.

Mama has had her knee infiltration (as they call it here) of a really good product for repairing minicuses, minuscae? Minisci? That stuff around your knee between the bones that lets you move around properly, as in walk.  One shot a week for three weeks and the knee goes on about its life for, oh, maybe 6 months or more.  The first time mama had it was a few years ago and it lasted THREE YEARS!  But do not even think of using this product without having a doctor prescribe it.

And let me tell you, watching her hobble around before she found this stuff was not that entertaining, plus she couldn’t pick me up easily and snuggle. Well…the truth is, I gained a couple of kilos from kitten to Scintilating Awesome Adult and that could have contributed.

Oh, no, not to the knee problem!  Boy, I hope not because I do enjoy a little cuddle each day and now she’ll be back on track with my share of the “Oh, you sweet little kitty you are so SWEET” (cuddle, cuddle) and so I am helping her up here in the bedroom by watching carefully to make sure she puts the ice on properly and doesn’t LEAP up to go help papa make lunch.

When I said Knee Jerk I did NOT mean mama.  I meant only that it made a good title, haha.

But papa is the cook today…uh, oh…does he know how to prepare MY lunch?  Well, I kneed him to DO that, haha. Get it?

Off to munch.

I think.

Okay, papa, here’s the recipe for line-caught tuna with a medley of mushrooms, artichokes and mackeral sorbet.  Are you ready?










HEY, no olvidar las margaritas hoy!!! Celebrate Cinco de Mayo!!!