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Here I am, zonked on kiwi leaves.  Does anyone have any info about lolling around in these things?  Mama took them all away when she thought she observed that I was…er…well…zonked a little too much.

In Japan, evidently, kiwi is like catnip to kitties.  But here, who knows?

Any info would be welcome.  We certainly have a lot of them so my stash will never run out but even I think I was a little weird after rolling.  Maybe an illusion.  I don’t seem to like the catnip now that it’s blooming so maybe kiwi leaves are summer’s stash, haha.


Do you think that mama’s Japanese shisu might do the same thing?  It’s for decorating sushi.

Hey, just leave me the maki and all the raw ingredients, okay?


You say that papa ATE the salmon for the sushi??? MAAAMAAA…..!


Oh, I forgot to say Happy July (juillet) yesterday.