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Wow!  This wonderful lady has found SEVENTY lost kitties?


HEY, you want some help findin’ those kitties.  I’m at your service! (A tough friend in Rome who will search to the end.)

Well, mama’s sister and also Mya’s mama sent this sweet story from the New York Times.  There are simply some anthros on the this earth who should be wearing halos, no?

Of course there are some kitties who could sport one, too, right?  No, no, I’m not talking about ME.  I’m talking about those poor little ones who are lost after the fires and who, if they had halos, would be so much easier to find.  I hope so much these kitties find their homes again with the help of this amazing anthro.  And if we could, I know all of us would go to California to help kitty-wrangle and get these sweeties back home.


I’m going to write that amazing lady a thank-you note.  Wasn’t it wonderful that she said that she was an insomniac, so the search work suits her perfectly.  What a kind thing to say.

GOOD LUCK, KITTY-WHISPERER, Jennifer Petruska!!!