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Well, as you can see, I am the stable soul to whom all turn for solace and strength.  I also make a nice head rest, haha.

It is almost zero here, that’s with a C, not an F, Celsius, whatever that is, but mostly it’s COLD and fortunately we have a little fireplace in front of which I hang out of an evening.

Mama, too.  Just wanted to put in a picture of how my furry little body keeps everyone comfortable and sane.  Sort of.  Around here, that word needs examination, haha.

Yesterday, a lovely friend of ours who was an art director helped mama sort out her drawings for the May expo, and there are all sorts of subjects in the illustrations and after he was gone, mama had a ‘eureka’, whatever that is, and thought, HEY, Mya’s maman is doing animal portraits, mostly doggies and mama is doing kitties so why not call the show “Chats et Chiens’ or ‘Chiens et Chats’, whichever comes first?  Dogs and cats in English. Or Cats and Dogs, whatever works.

So, it was a productive day and now the work starts:  DRAWING MORE, matting all of them, putting hangers on the backs, naming them, and so and so forth.

BUT, one thing is sure.  Mama has over 3000 photos to draw from and guess who is the model, haha?  One guess per customer.


I have to keep my figure to be mama’s model.  First streeeetch, stretch, and then


one-two, one-two, obliques….waist not, want not, haha.