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Hey, out there, a question:  do you get my replies to your kind and loving comments or does replying mean that I have to expect that you’ll visit the blog again where you left the comment in order to see my response?  I hope that’s not too complicated to answer and not a pain for you if you have to do that.

I’m asking my guru if you will get a notification on your email or something, the way I get one from Dezi when I comment on his blog, that says “Loulou liked your comment”, or “Loulou responded to your comment”.  I’ll be sure to get this one figured out, because I love that we have a dialogue and that we chat just as if we were next-door friends having a mouse together, haha. Or having a Kibble Klatch (copyright–meaning we share some kibble or a nice chicken nibble or two and exchange all the fun things about our weird families and who is doing what to whom and where a kitty went on its adventure away from home for a few days, things like that.  And I also give questionable advice on relationships…Loulou Listens To The Lovelorn.  With the emphasis on ‘questionable’, haha.

So this is the first Kibble Klatch and as soon as I know that you get my replies, we can WAIL.

Not that we don’t already, duh.


Bring your friends, too!

It’s almost Turkey Day (drool) so I am getting a leg up (no pun intended, haha) on THANKING all of you for such sweet thoughts that really make my day, and mama’s and papa’s, too.

I’m so lucky to have such good-hearted friends in this sometimes unkind-hearted world.

Grazie and Merci!

Oops, gotta go–have to open the kibble bag for guests!  Chicken or beef?  Any preferences?  Sorry, no gluten-free here.