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Our neighborhood’s homeless lady anthro, Emilia, lives out there, and it’s getting cold now.  I hope she will sleep indoors as I know she has a place at a church to sleep.  Everyone helps her, which is really wonderful, and as I mentioned before, she knows all the businessmen and business owners in our part of Rome and they all help her.

Well, today I want to thank Kristin Espinasse for her informative blog on the homeless.

And if you have time, do take a look at the YouTube Invisible People videos that really made all of us think about those on the streets without homes or friends or family.

This is a short blog as mama couldn’t help me with the camera today, but tomorrow we have a treat–a sweet story about a bull saved from the bullring!!! So lovely, sent by Mya’s papa who finds the most interesting videos on animals.

Like the story of Greenland.  And then I found Fiona from the NYT.

I think I’m getting a bit sentimental in this Season….


It would be awful to be homeless.  I’m so glad I’m here in mama’s arms.