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No, I’m not parading around nude or anything, haha.

But for many reasons, not the least of which is getting very good advice from bloggers (thank you, Dezi, for in-depth info!) and vet sites about kitties doing better with raw meat (their diet in the wild) instead of commercial cat food, mama has begun to put a little raw whatever it is into my Purina effilees wet food and I seem to like it very, very much.  Not sure where all of this going, but mama is wondering, too, about sometimes giving me kibble and its benefits or troubles it might cause.  Maybe just a little bit isn’t bad.  I have a urinary care Purina that is NOT for infections but for maintenance.

I do eat a lot of grass and maybe I’ll cut back on that if my tummy is processing the natural foods that kitties normally eat in the wild, and so on.


Not being a hunter, I don’t seek out whatever this guy is munching on, and so have little experience of eating raw meats in the garden!  We’ll see how this develops over time.  I seem to be taking to it to like a…well…a kitty to meat, rather than a fish to water.

And as for fish, raw doesn’t seem to be on the list. Too many bacteria and such, advisors say.  Mama goes over to our lovely fish store and there is a sleek black kitty outside all the time meowing and asking for food, and mama gave him some of her just-bought cod once and he turned up his nose and walked away, so the myth of kitties wanting fish is maybe just that.  Fabrication, whatever that is. Still, I love shrimp and scallops!

But what about those kitties in goldfish bowls and fish ponds and batting at fish in cartoons?  Where do these stories begin?


But mama is not about to make catfood in her kitchen even though she knows she can, because it seems a bit much when there are good meats out there and a little kibble to round out the menu.  What do your kitties eat?

Mama will gladly cut up raw beef or innards and such but she’s not big on adding vitamins and egg (which I do not like) and all those things that so many homemade cat foods have in them.  Isn’t there an easier way?  What about these freeze-dried raw foods?  And mama got some really good homemade treat recipes once from Dezi, but I’m just not sure she’s going to get into this too deeply.  I don’t really get treats or snacks…I get tartar control nibbles when I come in at night, or a few good-for-you treats, but I don’t get lots of treats, ever.  And I don’t miss them because I like having an appetite for my daily food.  I guess I eat sort of like mama and papa, and snacks don’t figure into it.

Any suggestions?  Do freeze-dried foods need lots of freezer room?  And we can’t travel for two days with a freezer!  Just curious…

Thanks for your input.

What I really love is licking salt off of hands, haha…