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Well, it’s just you and me, baby. FREE for one night.  Oh, and Lynne, but she’s cool.  We can cause some trouble!

Well, THEY are taking off again (only for one night, I really shouldn’t complain) but lucky for me they are leaving me with Lynne who is another one of mama’s and papa’s sweet friends who offered to kittysit for an evening.  I think they are leaving her an Oscar nomination film to watch and lots of really good nums in the fridge to help have a great pyjama party with me!  Whatever that is.  I don’t think I own pyjamas!

Hey, Lynne, there is a half a chicken in there–hint, hint!  Also a few chocolate truffles and some homemade pizza, but I can’t have any.  Just let me have a sniff, okay?  Okay, okay, I won’t push.  I was told to behave.  HAH!!!


How can you resist me?  Maybe just a teensy piece of the mozzarella?

When you think about it, it’s pretty nice to be able to spend a little time with different kittysitters and widen one’s social network (and get treats!).

Speaking of which, I read the other day that the UK is appointing a Minister of Loneliness to address the problem of so many anthros feeling sadness about being alone so much and feeling that they have no connections with others and have nowhere to get help.


And why do you think so many are so isolated?

Cell phones, the social network, the I, Me, My generation and so many other factors make us more and more unable to communicate with others in a personal way.

We are fortunate, we kitties, to have so many kitty/doggy/rabbit/etc. friends through our blogs and chats.  I am very sad, too, that so many elderly anthros are feeling that they have nowhere to turn for interaction with others, and I think if kitties could visit homes where the elderly reside, they would make a difference.  Just snuggling or cuddling a kitty or doggy creates happy vibes throughout an anthro’s soul.

Plus, it feels so good to US!