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Well, I just thought up this day for a special reason and I think we should all celebrate the hugs and snuggles we get and give to anthros as little creatures in their households.  Therefore, I declare today, March 11, as National Hug and Snuggle Day forever.

Personally, I could get scratched and snuggled and cuddled all day long if it didn’t interfere with my beauty sleep, and lord knows, I am…er…interrupted several times a day by papa, who simply cannot pass me by without giving me a little scratch on the neck or chuck under the chin


The reason is that papa’s sister, Polly, is no longer with us and died in her sleep peacefully two days ago.  It is a good thing.  She had no pain.  She went to sleep and all was well, as she has been quite ill and created for herself three extra years of life when she had been told that she had only six months.  A lovely, strong woman.  I did not know her because she was far away, but mama and papa were so glad to have made the trips to see her and to have become closer because of them.  So I thought, well, Loulou, maybe to see sweet cuddles between kitties and their dear families would be a nice thing for today, Polly’s birthday.  A little gift for her memory.  Don’t be sad.  Her life on this earth was beautiful and full and she touched everyone with her Polly-ness.

Mama is going to plant a rose for her soon. Then I can think about her in the garden.  That will be really nice.


I am one loved kitty.


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