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Just read mama’s emails.  Here’s a little travelogue.


Well, papa’s ex, mama’s good friend, Gabriella, sent mama some amazing photos of painted houses in a neighbourhood of Rome called Tormarancia near Ostiense, Garbatella.  These are from the internet, but what an incredible idea, and aren’t they wild?  I think mama should paint our house like that.



Hey, I think mama has some cans of paint in the atelier that were left over from our remodel here—hmmmm.

I think maybe a nice rendition of a very large tuna would look good on the entry wall, and we can segue to a couple or three chickens dancing (heading for the oven with little roast potatoes, right?) across the front wall of the house.

And on the garden wall, let me think.  How about a family of fat little mice on a Sunday outing and ending up in OUR garden?

I’m off to find the brushes right now.  This will be a GREAT surprise for Valentine’s Day for mama AND papa!


And I’m just getting started!


We send love to Brian’s Home for Sister Kit.  What an amazing number of friends loved her so.

Rest In Peace Dear Sister Kit