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Oh, boy, no more relaxing summer snoozes around here…

Well, mama is emailing me every day to say that she’s coming back in two days and is really ready to get back and COOK!  Mostly for those no-good anthro grandkids who are invading Collioure next Sunday, but I think that after having had the experience of Bolt and a pet, they will be far more gentle and attentive to me and MY needs, which will be MANY, thanks to the Gullivers who take off for family birthdays and leave me to waste away.

Well, not exactly. I’m pretty sure mama will think I need to drop a few grams, but maybe not.  My kitty whisperer is very astute when it comes to DENYING me pudgy treats, haha.  I think she and mama commiserate on my diet, exercise, and spa treatments.  At least I get brushed alot and oh, boy, do I LOVE malt paste.



Here is the Great Pilates Purrer, practicing to divert mama from putting me on a #$&%ˆ(#ˆ& DIET!

But I digress…mama will be having around six to eight daily for lunch or dinner or both and so she has the hots for pots right now, haha.

Hey, there’s guacamole in the freezer, mama, remember, and cookies, and gelato…you already DID those?  I think it’s time for the memory boost around here.  Hey, mama, you know what’s good for memory, and I can take it, too?  FISH KIBBLE!  Marcus says omega 3 is really good for the brain cells.

Okay, off with my pole to catch my own.  Think the birdbath has any finned creatures in it?  You never know around here…could be a whole koi community starting up out there!🐟🐠🐡