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You could hypnotize me in a New York minute if you rubbed MY tummy!

Well, I was just pondering my friend, Mya’s idea about what we kitties might do to our future prey with just a little kitty kindness and a sweet voice (maybe in Chinese) and a little tickle under the chin (or lower) for lizards, geckos, birdies, you name it!!! Maybe getting them in that laid-out position like the frog in the video would…er…aid in the capture.

But seriously, felines, could you really attack a poor little frog or gecko or lizard who was stretched out all comfy-like in a state of euphoria?  Into which YOU have put him/her/it?


(I’m just playing possum, haha–wait ’til that kitty gets close…)

I don’t think so.

Er…actually, I have to take that back.

So this is how you do it:

Purr in kitty language with a singsong voice and rub the victim’s…er…friend’s…tummy lightly with your patty paw and in seconds you will have receptive…er…friend to POUNCE UPON AND TEAR LIMB FROM LIMB!


Uh…sorry, got carried away.  Sorry.  I just let this little fellow snooze a bit and I went to take a nap, too.


No one can reach my tummy in THIS pose, haha.