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Hey, those little guys sound like a KICK!!! But eating MY food? Hmmm…Janine probably puts out enough for all, knowing her.

Well, mama was just reading one of her favourite online magazines, France, The Good Life (Editor: Janine Marsh) and there was this really sweet paragraph about hedgehogs and so I’m putting in a link to the editor’s hedgehog story, which also has some darling photos to go with it.  The kitties seems to get a kick out of these spiky creatures, and as far as I know, we three have only seen them at a zoo!  Well, we, two.  Oh, and mama says she knows them from their role as croquet balls in Alice and Wonderland!  I’m calling the SPCH!!!

This is the editor’s sweet take on her visiting hedgehogs:

I seem to have a reputation as a crazy cat lady round here on account of the six strays I’ve taken in. I explained that the hedgehogs that live on our terrace have become very partial to cat food and scoff it like there’s no tomorrow. They’ve made an underground den that they access via a hole in the wall of the terrace and every night when it gets dark, out they come, snorting and snuffling. They’re like circus clowns, they climb into the bowls of cat food and roll around, fall out of the bowls and bump into each other. The cats sit and stare in utter bemusement but they’ve learned to let the little piggy spiky creatures eat their fill.

If you have hedgies in your neighbourhood, let us know about them.  They are enigmatic little creatures to me, but I think I’m in love…


Maybe this little cutie is checking out the repas that someone has put out for their kitties.


Mama, we don’t have hedgehogs in Rome, do we?  Just askin’…

(Think I’ll move my kibble bits up on a counter, just in case.)


We did our Sunday Selfie through The Cat On My Head!