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What on earth can I give papa for Heart Day?

Haha, I meant HARD to find, but not really.  I love puns.  It’s just that February is a special month around here, seeing as how mama and papa are hopeless romantics, whatever they are, and they mush around and hug and have twinkles in their eyes because they both LOVE Valentine’s Day.

It’s not here yet, you two snugglers!  Keep those snuggles for ME–daily–not just on some old special saint’s day!


YES, YES, papa, right THERE!

BUT–there is always the question of what to get for papa.  He has everything he needs, but I wanted to get him something really nice to show my affection and love for him (and to keep him snuggling me all day long!) so if you have any ideas, just shoot them along to lil’ ole me, and merci.

Meanwhile, it is FIVE degrees C, which means, in short COLDER THAN A KITTY’S NOSE, haha.  And raining. I’m headed for my comforter, which has become my second home, haha.

Then, I’m outta here to contemplate this gift-giving conundrum, whatever that is.


Contemplation mode.  Very important to STREEETCH out completely to clear the mind.


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