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Mama, I can’t take any more stress.  Deep breathe, okay?

Well, today was the first day mama and papa had to enter Le Dome, the gallery where mama’s art will be shown, beginning on Saturday at 6pm.  But what if it DOES rain?  Oh, boy…I’m not going think about that and maybe these weather anthros will have made a big mistake and the sun will be beaming down!  The moon is beaming down tonight and that’s always a good sign for mild weather.  I think.

Frankly, I am more worried about this photo that a friend send us and wondering what that doggy was up to that the poor kitty is backed into a corner!

Any ideas?  And that doggy looks so innocent, right?  If I were that fellow, I would run like hell because that kitty means BUSINESS.


I’m just trying to take mama’s mind off of tomorrow’s hanging.  Er…maybe I should rephrase that.  Mama’s friend, Anne, Mya’s mama, hung all of her pics today in record time and is home with her feet up, and mama is running around again like a crazed weasel trying to figure out where she stashed the dessert cookies and where she hid the pinwheels.

I’m sure they’ll turn up.

I think.

But meanwhile, mama, take your mind off things and try to figure out just WHAT that doggy did to get that kitty’s back up!

It’s good to think about other things when you’re stressed out.

As in…think about this:  Anything to eat around here?  Is anyone opening the door for me to go out?  Does anyone care that I could use a really good brushing and some malt paste?  Hanging, schmanging.  It’s all going to work out, mama.  Just kick back and pour the kibble…


Or come lie down with me and RELAX!!!  That’s one thing I’ve mastered…