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Have some treats!!! Happy Halloween!


Do you think anyone will recognize me if I go as Papa’s Blue Jean Baby?

Well, it’s here. The witchy, boogyman, ghostly, skeleton, Ninja Turtle, Superman, Spiderman, Fairy Princess, you name it dress-up night of the year.

And where will I be?  Watching Roma-Chelsea right by mama’s side, protecting her from evil spirits that lurk around in the air on this eerie eve.

Plus, she’s staying home from the stadium because so many people smoke and it’s hard to enjoy the game.

Plus, she can wear her mask that papa gave her and not have to worry about an all-male pub that is showing the game and she’s the only dame…er…lady.

Plus, she can yell instructions to the Roma when they mess up and tell them to PRESS more or do an UNO/DUE, a one/two play and yell at Chelsea guys when they foul so badly and call all the shots and yellow cards and tell Dzeko he needs to get his act together and MOVE and praise Florenci and Perotti and spend most of the evening crying “VELOCE”, FASTER, FASTER you slugabeds!!! (This does not go for Totti, below, who is retired and looking bored every time they show him on TV).

Image result for free image of the roma soccer team

So mama will have fun, that’s for sure.

The papa, his son and grandson will be bonding at the stadium, and I wasn’t invited.  Frankly, I think I would be an enormous asset to the Roma.

I have some plays they’ve never seen in their lives!!!


And my rovesciata (bicycle kick)!! GOAAAAAL!


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