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Mamma, could you play that video again, please?  Gaston is SOOOO cute!

Well, mama got ‘gulls and buoys’ from the doors of restroom she saw once in a hotel by the sea.  But no buoys will be discussed, only gulls, about which Mya’s maman sent the most heart-warming article from Nice Matin, the daily newspaper of Nice, France.  Unfortunately mamma could not find the article in English but here’s the story:  A lovely lady in Nice. who has rescued goélands (gulls) before from various dangers, was given a rescued egg that a friend found, and they both agreed that there was life inside!  This sweet woman made a quick incubator for the egg and eventually a baby gull hatched! She named him Gaston.


Photograph by Robert Yvon

Gaston bonded with his new maman and they are now inseparable.  She taught him how to eat, how to fly and he perches on her shoulder when they go out together.  Sometimes he flies off but he always comes back to maman!  I have put in the link to the French newspaper only so that you can click at the end of the article and see the charming video of Gaston the goéland (pronounced guay-lon).  The video is at the very bottom of the article on the link.

Isn’t it amazing what anthros will do to save and protect us from harm!  And mamma has just remembered that this particular gull is a protected species in France.

Thank you, lady in Nice, for seeing the potential in a little abandoned egg.


And certainly one day this gull could fly off to land on a buoy!