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Oh, am I invited to the seder, too.  I hope so!  They are so special.

Well, this is a special day, the beginning of Passover.

Many’s the time mama and papa have attended the lovely seder of their friends in Los Angeles, with the youngest child reading to the gathering about the meaning of Passover and many’s the time mama has been teary at this memorable event.

Mama and papa used to bake delicious matzoh at Passover for many of the Jewish organizations in Los Angeles and for friends.  It had to be baked in 17 minutes, start to finish so that it would be unleavened (not risen, as is normal bread).  A challenge, mama said, but great fun.  The first day she told her bakers they were going to do that, they all looked at her and said, “You’ve got to be kidding!” But off they went with a stop watch and voila’! Matzoh that tasted really, really good. Not easy to do.

Today mama sent a card to their friends in LA from Blue Mountain, reading “A time to celebrate friends, family, and freedom.”

Let us hope we can keep our freedoms over the next four years.

In the spirit of that card, I urge you to read this wonderfully uplifting article by a very direct and articulate woman on the New York Times editorial staff.

The writer certainly caught our attention, and mama is always happy when she can drop a prejudice, so do take a look.  We CAN all live together, even with our differences, because the basis for true friendship is really having differences and making them work out together.

A beautiful and meaningful Passover to all of you who celebrate this very poignant time.