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Dreaming of goats…

Well, mama’s friend, Anne, sent this really lovely website of a photographer who did a series of really amazing GOATS!

I know this is a kitty blog and does at times allow doggies to grace its pages, but these goats are remarkable.  Actually, we would love to have one around here to take care of the very few weeds and leave a….calling card to fertilize the garden, but I’m afraid I have heard that goats eat everything in sight, even tin cans!

They had better not eat my tuna can when it’s half full.  Not nice manners at all!  What am I saying, mama is NOT getting a goat, that’s for SURE, if I have anything to say about it.


Maybe goats make really good friends.  Maybe goats know how to wangle more treats out of my abstemious MAMA!  A regular Simon Legree with food when I’m on a diet and because the vet suggested…SUGGESTED, I repeat…that perhaps, just maybe, sort of if-fy but possibly it would be nice to drop a few grams off my tiny, svelte body.

We’ll see about that.  I’m a bit logy, low and listless without my proper intake of calories.  Or maybe it’s just a sulk.  Yes, I think it’s more like that.

If I really begin to starve, you kitties out there can send virtual treats so I don’t faint from hunger…haha.  More like feint!

In case you’re wondering, TREATS GO HERE!