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YOU WANT MY ID? I’m a KITTY, I’m black and white, I’m a tuxie, I’m old enough to drink out of birdbaths! Why are you hassling me?

Well, here’s what happens all too often:  I read a nice blog and then I leave a comment and then I’m asked for an ID and I have to show some kind of ID and so then I have to open my WordPress account or my Google account and if I don’t wish to do that (they are hardly EVER open–I work in another account), I try to leave a url ID but it’s never accepted (even though I clearly have a legit url) and so I try other forms of ID and none of them works and so I try anonymous but then I think, NO, I don’t wish to be anonymous because we all know one another and why would I use THAT to leave a friendly comment and so then I get red writing that says none of the things I’m doing is going to allow my comment and so I tear my fur and so THIS is the question:

Why, on some blogs, does mama’s name or MY name come up automatically and all we have to do is push Publish after our comment?

And why, on some blogs, do we have to go through a strip search?


Any help here would be gladly received as I am worn out from losing sleep over this.   Off to remedy that.


Worn to a frazzle…