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I’m resting after election exhaustion.

Well, I was displeased and pleased, both, to hear from a reader who feels that to have an opinion about the politics of his/her country is not permitted, or at least that I “live in a bubble”–implying that I know nothing of the diverse platforms of the two French candidates in the elections on Sunday.

Oh, I know the platforms.  In this house, we three discuss everything about French politics and American politics and many other countries’ politics.

I think it is called freedom of speech, and thought, and conversation.

And hats off to the French for choosing a president that feels compassion for ALL of his people, even the ones who disagree with him. Hats off to someone who wishes to open doors, not shut them.  And hats off to the French people for choosing a new path, which could be the same-old, same-old, but at least a step has been taken to change the direction of French politics and a step toward reform that will strengthen La France, not weaken her. And the first step is more than important, it is pivotal in advancing to a new level of understanding of the severe problems all free countries face now in matters of race, economics, poverty and privilege.

But building walls,  shutting out immigrants out of fear, and going backward in history are no solutions.  Mama’s entire country, except for the American Indians, is comprised of immigrants, need we remind anyone of that?

But—I welcome all opinions, all thoughts on the state of the world, and if we do not share and discuss those, we are doomed to ignorance.

It was truly admirable that Mme. Le Pen could dance so beautifully on the eve of defeat.  She and her partner were amazing.

Would that we could dance together, all of us, like that, despite our differences.


I can’t swing dance, but I can do the Hokey Pokey.

You put your right paw in, you put your right paw out…la la la…