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Oh, boy, do I need some FACTS!

Now hear this, dear readers:  mama does very well on the internet when looking for healthy info about raising a sweet kitty (ie:me) but there are just too many conflicting ideas about what to put in our furry little tummies.

Normally, I eat the same brand of wet and dry food, and I love it, and I am…er…regular, whatever that means.  But every now and then mama makes a lovely soup (as mentioned in another blog) and there are about two quarts of liquid in the soup and ONE onion, chopped fine, and then she strains out all the veggies used to make the broth, and the chicken parts, and what we need to know is this: Will ONE onion in two quarts of soup taint the chicken so badly for kitties that they really should not have it touch their sweet little lips?  All that good, good soft, cooked chicken…sigh.


We KNOW that onion, garlic, chocolate, milk and things are not great for kitties (although the milk thing is a puzzlement and even FISH has been said to be bad for kitties, imagine that?), but seriously, folks, ONE small onion in two quarts of broth? Does the onion flavouring and whatever is bad in it go into the six chicken parts and should I not have little tidbits of said chicken?

And can one tiny LICK off of a Magnum stick that is essentially empty of Magnum but has a residue of say, 1/32-inch of stuck chocolate on the empty stick really endanger my health?

Just askin’….


Hope the answer is no, haha.