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If what Mya is reporting, I am NOT in a good mood about travel!


HEY, LOULOU, let me tell you about the ordeal our friend had to live through from New Orleans to Nice!

So Mya told me this over the phone.

Well, Mya’s mama’s friend from New Orleans is dreading the home flight, after going through HELL just getting to Nice to visit!  Her plane was cancelled on one leg of the trip, her shoes fell apart, and then the icing on the cake: her bags were lost!!!

Boy, am I glad I don’t have to travel as anthros seem to do so often.  We kitties are home bodies and you KNOW how I just LOVE being put in my cage…er…traveling apartment and schlepped off to a HUGE woo woo boat that makes horrendous noise and goes up and down, along with my tummy, on high waves slap all night against the ship . Who can sleep with that noise, I ask you?

I can’t even imagine taking a flying boat!  Chickens fly, birds fly, flies fly, but kitties do NOT fly, and that’s a fact.  Many people may not know that, haha.

We do sail across furniture or glide down from a high place and land on our paws, but we do NOT fly, no way, Jose.


I told mama I would call that airline myself and give them what for, but she said, Not to worry, they have it handled, Loulou, and I don’t think they understand kittyspeak.

So, Mya’s mama’s friend, I hope so much that your special trip to visit Mya’s mama has some sweet high points, now that you’ve finally arrived.

I’ll be nice and not mention the airline, whatever that is.  But with the weather troubles and travel in general, my advice is to stay put.

For compensation, maybe you’ll get bumped up to wherever it is on that flying boat that they give out free bubbly and things!

Or Nip Nannas.

Maybe get those red slippers that Dorothy wore and get home that way!