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WHAT? WHAT HAPPENED, MAMA?  Oh, no, papa’s driver’s license was not ready when mama’s was and they need BOTH their permits to drive us to Italy to see the little bad anthrokids and several friends from across the pond who are going to be there when we are.  Or when we WERE at this point.

But hey, that means I’m not on a car trip for maybe, oh, another two weeks! YAY and thanks to my stars.

Still, papa is pretty upset and they may have to cancel all sorts of nice things because they were going through Nice where Mya’s family lives and I might have finally had my try-out in a stroller along the boulevards.

Oh, well.  Fate is fate, whatever that is.

I’m not sure, but I think this means I get to snooze a bit more, be tummy-rubbed, and be stand-offish about efforts to plate me.  Whatever that means.


I’ll just hang for awhile until I get the verdict about my travels….


NOT UPSIDE DOWN, LOULOU! I think you are going BATTY!