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Here is the fearsome Tuxie-taurus, stalking the Wild Tyrannosaurus
Mama loves dinosaurs…go figure.  But the bloody jaws in those animated shots of prehistoric creatures in Fantasia gave her delightful nightmares for years!  Of course after that she saw Fantasia about a gazillion times, little kids being fascinated by blood and gore and things torn limb from limb.
(Pity she missed me with the lizard some a few weeks ago, haha.)
Well, speaking of which (dinosaurs, not mice), mama just got an email from her author friend, Jane Louise Curry, writer of the Abaloc series of books for young adults, and she sent a lovely video of the roaring dinosaur at the Museum of Natural History in London.  What’s wonderful are the screams of little kids when the dino really lets loose!  Mama couldn’t insert Jane’s video but Jane has a new blog (see her website mentioned above) and will do it herself soon.  Here is what she says about her favourite little animatronic beast:
He/she/it is definitely “a great moving model” – – and you can stand there staring into the case and, not knowing he is animatronic, having to tell yourself that he’s not the real thing. You know he’s not, but your eyes are not what’s telling you that. It may have looked more real to me because it wasn’t switched on– the movement of its arm is a wee trifle too jerky a twitch, but the breathing and the blink are masterfully restrained. The Museum’s older animatronic dinosaurs are much less sophisticated, but the Mama Tyrannosaurus is an horrific hoot!
Mama found this on Youtube for your frightening pleasure:

I would NOT wish to be anywhere near this dude when he was alive and kicking, that’s for sure.

But there is something about dinosaurs that still tickles mama pink, and all the little anthros in the family.  Mama’s art editor at The New Yorker years ago wrote a great children’s book on the subject called “Dinah’s Egg”, which was about the delightful and fraught life of a dinosaur egg about to hatch.

Personally, I love the vegetarian ones, if you get my drift…


Practice for the dinosaur hunt!