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D for Doppo (afterwards), Drama, Delight, Donuts (?)…NO, NO, Loulou are you out of your mind?  No donuts at this Bash, but I will report on the Roman food soon when mama sends me the whole shebang of what went on at that gathering.  Anthros from all over the place showed up, evidently, Lithuania, South America, the USA, France, Italy, you name it, and I am sure that the party girl is more than exhausted.







Like me, most of the time, haha.

After mama’s and Anne’s expo, they sort of collapsed in a stupor.  Mama hasn’t been able to paint well since, but that blank in her life is filling in, I hope.

Meanwhile, she and papa are packing up to return Wednesday on MY REQUEST that they get their b….ts home NOW.

Actually I didn’t really say that. It was more like, “Could you sweet darlings consider and thoroughly think about coming back here to snuggle me NOW???” I know they miss me, as they have told me that they come in their front door and say, “Close the door, don’t let Loulou out!” Or “Loulou (clicks with tongue–sign of dinner), come have your kibble!”

Ha, ha and I’m NOT EVEN THERE!!!  Boy, mama and papa may need to get their marbles in a row soon.

Are they playing with a full deck?







I’m calling a Kitty Consultant right this minute for an appointment for their return.  A few hours on the couch might just straighten this out…







It straightens everything out for me, haha.

For THEM, not sure.

Hope springs eternal around here.