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Hey, are THEY on the phone?  Tell them I’m out.

Well, only two more days to the Big Bang.  No, I mean, the Big Bash, my stepsister’s 50th birthday party.

Of course, I am NOT there so will have to filter out from mama over the phone just what’s happening around there.  But my imagination is pretty active and so I’m thinking:  Birthday girl, her four kids, her ex, papa’s ex, cousins, uncles, aunts, her friends from all over the planet, and papa and mama bringing up the rear, whatever that means.

I just hope the champagne isn’t hot, haha.

And there is a pool out there on the campus where they are having the shindig, but mama says she won’t be caught in a swimsuit right now among close to one hundred people…no way, Jose.


Nicole’s party venu–dorms at the University of Dallas, outside of Rome.

I’ll bet she changes her mind. It’s HOT out there even if papa says it’s 500 metres taller than the city.

In Houston, mama lived on the highest point of land in the city–3 feet!  Hey, nosebleeds and ear popping for sure around her house, haha.

Maybe snow every now and then.

But I digress. Will keep you up to date on this bash, complete with pics if mama will just take the time to EMAIL ME.  Since they have probably forgotten about me completely by now.  Actually, they couldn’t not go to this gig, and I know they wanted to be here with me, so I’m okay this time.



Hey, that bird is back.  Maybe I’ll have a little party myself…….