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MARY SENT THAT? Thank you, Mary, and happy new year, too.

Mary McNeil sent this lovely ‘gift’, this wondrous kitty for the New Year, and I know you’ll enjoy the story.  So moving.

So you see that kitties can accomplish anything, with love and care and determination.

I am just back from that HARROWING (whatever that means) sea cruise and they SAID there would be no waves and that everything would be smooth and we were NOT stopping at Porto Torres in Sardinia, and guess what?  We stopped, the waves got bigger, and I threw up three times before settling down to nap for the rest of the trip.  No wonder THEY don’t feed me for the whole day before, but I don’t like it.

Hey, BEAPHAR works pretty well in that I was not scared, but I’m just sayin’…KITTIES DO NOT LIKE MOVEMENT, especially on waves and for long periods.

BUT…that said, and that done, the drive to our house after the ship docked, which is two hours, was a piece of cake.  I slept the whole way, got home at midnight, had my dinner, examined the garden and crashed.

All is well.  In fact, I am outside right this minute checking out the beautiful moon that all of us are seeing tonight.  Well, at least in this hemisphere.

Whatever that is.


WOW. Mama’s fava beans are coming up.  I’ll have to go let her know.  And snooze again.

That trip was traumatic and I have to get ready for New Year’s Eve.  I think.

WHAT? Another year is gone?  Oh, boy…



By the way, check out a guest post here that was done for Fluffy Kitten.  It is a great website with wonderful information about kitties.