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I think I had better learn to make whatever this is for all those bubbly-sipping anthros.

I guess chilling out means icing the bubbly for some, since in a couple of days anthros will be ringing in the New Year with that little funny baby anthro in his diaper as a symbol of 2018!  Bet he’s cold running around in a loin cloth!  Like mama’s brother when he was little and played Tarzan, but that’s another story.

So I guess I’ll just chill out on my own and let the good times roll right over my little Loulou self and wake up on January 1st without a hangover, haha.

We kitties are so much smarter than those anthros running around setting off loud-making thingies that light up the sky and scare the bejesus out of us more sensitive types.


All I know is I’m going to find where they put the donkeys on New Year’s so that they won’t be frightened.  I think we have more in common than we know…


Hey, these guys have more ear to HURT!


Call me when it’s over, okay!