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Well, here I am passed out after thinking THEY were taking me somewhere and I hid in the pantry and they went all over the place looking for me saying, “NO, Loulou, you are not going with us, don’t worry, your good friend is coming to stay with you” and they ran all around trying to leave but I was like a mouse and they didn’t find me until the last minute and then just said something about how they loved me and would be back soon and not to worry about having to get in a car or a boat but at that point I just turned my back and they left.

Now they’re not here!  Maybe I wasn’t so happy in the first place not to be going on their ‘venture, as they call it.  I call it adventure but they talk that silly anthro talk, you know how that is.

So maybe I’m going to be just a bit lonesome after all.

Have fun, you two.  Cannes sounds nice even if it is filled with furniture salesmen and all the restaurants are booked and you’re having to eat sandwiches or whatever.  You’ll survive.

Maybe.  Withou me, I’m doubtful…but at least I have MY bed to MYSELF.  But where are mama’s knees?