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Do I look forgotten or what?

Well, as usual, mama has plunged into her cooking, which, for her, is the most fun about traveling, plus THEY are going off to a fair where antiques are sold.  WITHOUT ME.

I know, I know, she should see a shrink (or maybe the medium that advertised in that little town and says she can bring back a loved one) just to make sure her head is screwed on correctly, but it’s the truth.  Cooking is her vacation.  With an open market right outside thee door and baby artichokes and spring asparagus and fennel and a fragrant bakery and guinea pigs to practice on, mama is in seventh heaven.  I guess I’m lucky that way because I DO get little snips and snaps of chicken or fish or whatever it is she’s up to and I’m VERY happy with that.


Yesterday there were little new potatoes and fried artichokes and the above-mentioned aspergrass, as papa calls it, and lovely tangerines and apples and you name it and she just mixed the all together and made a stew….haha, just kidding.


Fried artichokes with lemon and mint.  I actually like these, too.

But mama says it’s such fun to cook for people and see them happy and it’s convivial (whatever that is) and gives them a little piece of herself because she loves them and if they screw up their faces and say ARGGGG, then she knows maybe the recipe needs adjusting.  Haha, just kidding.

Hard to mess up a new potato, right? Whatever that is.

Today they are all going to see MORE friends in a little OTHER town nearby (20 minutes) and go to another open market of second-hand things and antiques and all that old sort of stuff that anthros rummage around in hoping to find a treasure.  Mama loves those places.  Plus, there’s a little old man who sells really good olive oil in the same place so I know they’ll stop there.  I’ll try to get mama to take some pics and send them and I MAY do her a favour and put them in tomorrow’s blog, but you never know.  I may not be in the mood.

She’ll just have to make sure she finds something for KITTIES (make that A KITTY) at that fair.  Even then, I just may not open her email…


And they are NOT getting their bed back.  No way, Jose.