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Dreaming of Picard’s fresh ground beef and soupe de poissons

Well, see, we have this amazing French frozen food store (a chain–all French cooks use it but keep it a secret), PICARD, and mama bought a new item, which is a bio vegetable soup and brought it home and the package felt like a bunch of solid veggies all cut up and so she dumped it in a big pot and added some water, broth and wine and started the simmer.

THEN, duh, she read the package!!! You don’t add ANYTHING to that soup, mama, just put in on the stove on low heat and let ‘er rip, whatever that means.  But I’m pretty sure that soup could be microwaved, too, mama.

SO–she poured out the now-simmering and way too thin broth (saved for another time) and added some carrots and leeks and a big potato (always a good soup thickener, mama says) and now it’s resembling something that could be eaten, haha.


A pinch of hot pepper doesn’t hurt…especially when it’s ground up fresh dried Espelette peppers from our neighbor’s garden.

Holy tamale, mama has NEVER done that.  But then again, mama has never bought frozen soup ingredients all prepared in that rather convenient way.

Well, it’s smelling good but of course I CANNOT HAVE ANY BECAUSE OF ONIONS AND GARLIC IN THE SOUP!  Boo, PIcard.  Oh, I have a great idea, mama. Next time you go to that amazing place, pick up some of those ready to cook hamburger patties for ME. No onions in those, right?

Or that sirloin steak…


Relegated to eating GRASS!!! Harumph.  Hey, do mice hide in grass?