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A PARTY?  AND I AM NOT INVITED?  WELL *&%$^%&#^%(&!!!


Nicole, the birthday girl (on right) with best friend, Francesca

Well, the time has come (the walrus said, whoever he is) to celebrate papa’s daughter’s FIFTIETH anniversaire and THEY have left me yet again with my kitty whisperer, whom I ADORE, MAMA AND PAPA, but this time, they are not gone for long.  Only long enough to celebrate on the 29th at Nicole’s HUGE party, to which she has invited all friends made along the way from several countries where she and her husband were living during the time Ciallo was attache’ from the Italian government.  Complicated, no? But see, here’s the thing: Don has Italian ex. Ex had Italian and Australian mama and papa. Therefore, the children are American, Australian, Italian and probably some other things worked in there, as all of us have, so it’s quite a mix.

Party with cake and champagne!  And no invitation to LOULOU!  Actually, reaching fifty years really is a feat when you think about it.  I don’t know of any kitty or doggy who has reached that age, ever, and certainly not like mama’s aunties in their eighties and one at 101!!! When they say anthros are living longer, they are not just a whistilin’ Dixie, whatever that is.

Maybe there will be some prezzies that my stepsister wants to get rid of and mama and papa will bring back the special gourmet kibble and choice white tuna in extra virgin olive oil that, no doubt, someone with class will give Nicole.  But I’m not sure it will fit in their return luggage and pass you-know- who.  Those customs people, not to mention those airline checkers, ALL love kibble and tuna, a fact not well known, so I’m sure it’ll disappear at the border.  Oh, I forgot, the party’s outside of Roma.

Oh, well, hope the fete is a blast and since it’s on a place that used to be a farm, I’m sure there will be kitties everywhere FOR MAMA TO TAKE PICTURES OF AND DOGGIES, TOO!

I just wish for once she would not be such a shutterbug, whatever that is.  With only around 15,000 of me, we’re sort of running short…


I could use some more portraits.


Actually, I could use LUNCH right now! No doubt my kitty whisperer is preparing the whole poached salmon that she forgot to put on the plate.