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Cleaning myself up for the guests…

Which means stepdaughter and stepgrandson, who arrive today for a few days with all of us and for whom I pray this weather will straighten up and fly right, whatever that means. IT”S COLD. 18 degrees, which is in the low seventies, I think, and not warm enough to swim or be without sweaters at night and mama is really ticked off.

She is a HOT mama.

Give her 90 and rising and she is in heaven.  Dough for pizza does better, too, haha.

Right now she’s off to market to be able to feed these people eventually, as in 8 for dinner tonight.  I think she said something about pasta with pesto but I could be mistaken and maybe heard SALMON, poached (whatever that is).  I think she went with the pesto because before the pasta there will be melon and smoked salmon so no duplicates tonight.


Hey, he’s not even CAUGHT YET!  I’ll see what I can do.  I’ve seen tigers and lions catch fish in water, I think.  Maybe it was bears.  Oh, well…


Mama and papa met the train and there they were, smiling and beautiful…but that grandanthro is so TALL!!!

Wow. He’ll be 17 in August and his mama, 50, just before my mama’s mama’s birthday.  But sadly she is not around. She would be 107!

Oh, pooh, they are not having salmon, so I’m outta here.  Call me when the whatever is poached, whatever that is.


Just thought I’d give a touch-up.  I could be eating with my paws, you know.