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OH, BOY, did you see that article about koalas??? Well, actually it was on AOL, not the NYT, but what the heck…

Well, yet another news item that might interest you, but it’s also a bit sad.  Mamma’s favourite photo of her mother is when her mama was in Australia and mamma’s papa took a picture of my nonna with a little koala bear on her shoulder.  So darling.  I’ll bet I could be friends with a fuzzy, soft koala, the color of rain clouds, no?  I know I have some readers from Australia, so if you have any comment on this please leave it with this blog.  It makes me so upset to think of the many species of animals that will not be here in just a few short years.

If you take a look at the snub-nosed monkey, you’ll see why it is upsetting that animals leave this planet.  I would LOVE a snub-nosed monkey in this house and I’ll be we could get into lots of fun trouble! I think that’s an oxymoron, with emphasis on the last two syllables, haha.

Maybe I’ll do some sniffing around to see how some of these animals could be saved.  Maybe I’ll create an organization that ferrets out (haha) info on why animals disappear.  Maybe I’ll call my org the Cagey-B, haha!

But, seriously, folks, it is disturbing, and the sweet little koala bears deserve to be with us a long, long time.



Maybe I could pass with a little make-up…


And now, just for laughs, does anyone out there play golf?