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Well, not literally, but HURRAH anyway!!!  Maybe that guy from the spam put a spell on mama and she just broke it!

Mama may be from Texas but she is NOT a horseanthro although she loves them through and through.  But she IS back in her studio throwing that stuff around that smells like someone is doing a remodel or maybe a little like what makes a car go, even though it’s not supposed to have any smell at all and be better for your health than that stuff made from pine resin, whatever that is.  Turp–something.  Smells a little like a bad margarita!

But I digress.  I wandered in there a few minutes ago and she was havin’ at it, and she was muttering something about Thalo green (#%$&#) and how you can’t get it off your hands in a million years, especially if you’ve stuck your thumb in it and it’s under the nail!  Hey, mama, green nails are HOT.

So I just wanted to report on this.  Plus there are THREE tables covered with drawings and watercolours and even sketches of ME, two of which she put in the window of the studio so that anthros passing by might have a giggle and know where to find me if they need to get rid of some extra kibble…




And now just for a sweet ending…

Those guys got back on THEIR saddle, too!