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Haha, fooled you, maybe. That’s present present.   As in give one.  And I’ve been lying here for hours trying to think up one.

Well, papa’s birthday is coming up next week, just before Bunny Day and I have no earthly idea what to get for him and I want to let him know how much I appreciate and love all the papa-snuggles he seems to never run out of and he doesn’t really wear ties (any longer–he likes that!) and he loves chocolate but I’m not ABOUT to go near a chocolate shop, no way, Jose, that’s asking too much, so I’m sort of settling on socks, chausettes in French.

How about these?


NO WAY. Bulldogs on my papa?  I’ll keep looking.


HAH, Knew I’d find ’em!  Now just what is this ebay thing everyone is talking about?

Maybe he’ll settle for a lizard.