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Well, now they are in a little town that’s NOT Can or Can’t or Won’t or wherever that place is and mama says it’s really cute but finding good food is not easy except to cook so she toodled out with he sis in law and papa and Dan, sis’s partner and went bonkers in the open market (as usual) and made pasta with Roman broccoli and avocado salad with cilantro, whatever that is, and found a great bakery with brown bread and they all ate some local cheese and had a glass of wine and did what I do best and they are getting really good at, which is to crash for a nice long snooze!

I guess they’re not even thinking about ME.  Mama mentioned a Pekinese that looked like someone’s feather duster floor cleaner but she hasn’t sent a photo yet and I hope she will NOT offend me by taking DOGGY PICS all over the place.


I mean, that’s the BACK end of a Pomeranian.  Is mama nuts?

Meanwhile, I hope the get good and rested because they are going to NEED alot of energy and strength when next they deign to grace MY doorstep.

That is, if I open the door at all…