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Well, I’m sacked out, too, because mama came home from the knee doc after he took out some liquid that was painful and here we are together, she with ice on her elevated knee and me, well, the usual.

There seems to be this magic stuff called Synvisc that you inject into a knee that is having trouble with minicus wear (whatever misiscus is) and after three shots, one a week for three weeks, voila!  A knee that functions for 6 months to a year.

The first time mama did it, it lasted almost THREE years.  But she was doing her mountain goat impersonation through the vineyards each morning and it all sort of caught up with her.

Didn’t she see what was chasing her?  Overwrought knees!

So here we are, recuperating after the doc and after having picked up something called purse and boots at the repair shop.  Hey, wait a minute, isn’t Purse and Boots and book for kitties, haha?

Ooh, that was bad. Signing off. ZZZZZZZZZZ.