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Well, mama went and did it.  Tweaked another recipe for a lunch we are having tomorrow.  Note the use of ‘we’….I am the star attraction, as always, and everyone cuddles and pets me and then I disappear, having made an unforgettable impression on the guests.

In my dreams.  I make an impression all right!

Just yesterday a distant friend came by and saw me and said to me, “Ah, Loulou, you’re back and have your nice garden but you look a little plump around the middle. Maybe it was that mozzarella in Roma, haha.”

NO kitty needs comments like that, and besides, mama has been rigorous (whatever that is) with my food and kept me just a little bit hungry and I slimmed down to a very snappy svelte silhouette so where does this visitor get off saying such a thing?

Frankly, I know why I look a bit round and it’s none of ANYONE’S business because there is always a reason for that look and it’s TEMPORARY, if you get my drift.  I had not yet had my morning constitutional, whatever that is, but when I have it, I’m skinny right away.  So THERE, visitor!!!

She looked a little plump herself, if you ask me, but mama says never to comment on others’ shapes.  Okay, okay, BUT I AM SKINNY RIGHT THIS MINUTE AND HERE IS A PHOTO TO PROVE IT.


If this is FAT, I’ll eat my hat, whatever that means.


More on the tweaked recipe tomorrow, Galette de Roi.  Cake of kings.