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First, let me say how sad we all are that Flynn is no longer with us.  Love and kind thoughts to his family who had two of the loveliest kitties on earth.

This year has been heavy with kitties leaving us.  I hope so much that the future will hold more joy than sorrow…



Up To New Tricks


Now, let’s have a look at this silly thing mama bought for 1 euro that is supposed to attract me to claw it or scratch it or whatever, and I have NO idea what I am supposed to do with it other than wish it were GONE.  I think I’m to step on one end, and papa will jump from very high, maybe off the kitchen counter and land on the OTHER side and I will do a triple flip in the air and land on my feet and everyone will applaud.

Not what it’s for, you say?

Well, who the heck knows what it’s for???


Mama, why do you buy these things in the first place?  AHA, I can stand on it to see out the window more better.

Loulou, we do not say “more better”–we say see out the window more easily.

Okay, okay, but if you’d pass this thing on to some other kitty, I think I could live with that and he or she could see OUT THE WINDOW MORE EASILY.

Hey, I’m a quick study.

MAYBE MYA WANTS IT! She is coming to visit and SHE can stand on one side and have papa jump on the other one.  Doggies DO tricks, after all, and I have NO intention of keeping this thingy around.

Mya, hurry up and visit, PULEEZE!


This thingy is driving me BONKERS!

BUT, read on…