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Hey, how come this kitty is not meowing at me???  Er…looks very familiar for some reason.  Wow, that painter is not just good, she is the cat’s meow!  And I think she may be getting ready to do animal portraits, but not exactly like this one.  She is going to do really wowser things like THIS:


or this:


Dress up your doggy, customize your kitty, things like that.  But, wow, can this anthro PAINT!

This is the wonderful mama of Mya.  She will be having the expo with mama. Or rather, mama will be having the expo with HER.  It was her husband who ran into the mayor by chance on the street of the little village where the expo will be held, and Mya’s daddy said, “My wife and a friend paint and maybe they could show their works at Le Dome.”  And voila’….there it was, scaring the bejesus out of both of them!

But I’ll snuggle with mama lot this week and next week she’ll be sane enough to go through with this.

If you would like to see Mya’s mama’s paintings, you may do that HERE.

And mama’s are on this one.  She has done a couple of kitty paintings what are on this blog and loves drawing me…we must have a gazillion Loulous, but mama hasn’t gotten around to putting the images on her website yet.

There just doesn’t seem to be time for ANYTHING, we all say around here.  Where does it go?  Time, I mean, not ANYTHING.  We know where ANYTHING goes.  It is hiding wherever that extra time hides, haha.


(To be sung to Kismet)–Take this paw, it will lead you to Paradise (whatever that is)…la la la.  I think Paradise is where time is managed better than we do it!