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WOW! THAT MAMAN HAS TALENT!  And Mya, I understand that you were a model, too, no?  Maybe Mya’s mama will let us take a sneak preview of your portrait…

SO…mama has just found out that the Expo is ON and formalized by contract.  Mya’s mama is doing wonderful portraits of us and other animals, and here is one she did for a friend’s grandkids of their doggies. But, oh, boy, you should see the rest!  Biker Barkers and more…


I didn’t ask permission to show this, so I ‘ll have to cajole Mya’s maman into letting me show more to you, but right now I have a terrific urge to snooze.

Sorry, Mya’s mama, but I just had to put this in because it’s so whimsical and I wanted to let others share it, too.

It is COLD here and I really just have no energy to bounce around.

Like that red ball Marcus chewed up, haha.  Bouncing no longer…