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Well, let us ring in the New Year with a laugh.  Thank you, Daniel, who sends me funnies all the time, for this one.

I must admit that when mama or papa scratches me…er…near my tail, I go into paroxysms of joy, whatever they are.  But I go into them.

Now, dear readers, please have a safe and bubbly new year with nice things to munch and good friends and family to chat with and share all the adventures of 2017.  Mine, I think I’ll put in the forget box I keep after woo-woo ship trips!  Then when it’s full, I throw it away.  It also works for any bad feelings you have or hurts or upsets or angers or irritations.  Just pick out a nice BIG box in your imagination, make it a nice color, with a lid, and when you have any of those feelings mentioned, just throw them in the box and go on about your day, smiling if possible.

Then when it’s full (and full is okay, we’re not judging here on quantity or quality!), just toss it somewhere as in off a cliff, into the sea from a high place, off a woo-woo boat or just over your shoulder.  It will magically disappear and your load will be lighter.  A lighter year to all from mama, papa and me.

A happy and joyful new year to all. Toast in moderation (no, no silly, NOT bread, bubbles!) and drive carefully to your welcome slumber.



And speaking of bread, mama was one of the bakers featured in the magnificent SIX volumes of MODERNIST BREAD, some of the most beautiful books on bread and baking ever to be published.  She found the volumes (50 lbs!) on our doorstep when we returned and almost fainted…luckily, papa and I caught her.