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I could have worn this to the Santo Stefano carnival, but I think it’s far away.

Well, today is Santo Stefano, St. Stephen’s day and this short history will tell you all in a few short paragraphs.  But what mama loves most is the lovely song about Good King Wenceslas who, with his page, went out on a snowy evening and found a poor man gathering wood.

Mama sings this song at Christmas (always getting teary),  and here in Rome, there are so very many poor on the streets and in alleys and living under the bridges that it is hard to imagine their lives when winter really arrives.  But what can one do to make a difference?  Perhaps just find one or two and hope that a little money will help.  In our neighbourhood, one can leave care package on church steps or at strategic places and they are always found by the street dwellers and, I hope, are useful.

So, in many ways, the holiday season affects us with the sadness of so many who have nothing, especially no family and few friends.

But Santo Stefano day is a day of joy, as this article mentions, and a day of giving to others who have little.  It is also a day of giving our friendship and love to those we cherish.  Like you, dear readers.


Wish papa could snuggle all of you;  he’s tops.