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I just sayin’…not sure there is room in this bed for a horned friend.

Well, as I promised, and this is no bull, I am passing on the lovely story of the bull who was saved from the bullring by a kind and thoughtful man.

And here is another link to the lives of these two.  Just in case the other link doesn’t work.  You don’t have to be on Facebook to see it, by the way.

I find it so incredibly touching when strange animals are saved and loved by compassionate anthros.  There must be a gazillion videos of those who have been saved and are now living sweetly with their new families.  I wish there were room enough here to put all of them in the blog, but I know you can find them on Youtube if you are curious.

At times, I sort of wish a little playmate would wander into this household, but I’m not sure mama would be able to travel with a bull, no matter how well-behaved!  As in the bed, I really don’t think there is room in the car…


Mama, we’re not really adopting a bull, are we?  What do I say to him? Moo?