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Here’s the fearless Tuxie standing guard patiently until the flea-ridden, nasty rodents of the world appear to be VANQUISHED!

Well, Mya’s mama found this very touching article about us kitties, in case you have a moment to see just what we contribute to your lives.  And I suppose that, unlike doggies, we sort of go our own ways and to hell with the rest.  Which is why you love us, right?  But the fact that we contribute to helping end society’s plagues by eliminating whenever possible the rodents of the world could be our humble offering to better the world, right?

This does not apply to those with gerbils, hamsters and mice or rats as dear pets, I want that clear!!!

But…perhaps better not to visit us with one on your shoulder, okay?


Proof of my search for rodents in this imperfect world!  Uh, oh, mamma’s coming…

There are none in our BED, LOULOU!!!